Should Australia become a Republic or not?

A Democratic Way to Australia's Republic is a new book that takes a fresh look at how and when Australia could become a republic, exploring various issues, potential problems and providing an array of carefully thought out options to be considered.

Robert DawsonRobert DawsonThe question, whether you believe Australia should become a Republic or not, is one that every Australian should consider seriously for the future of our nation.

The answer, whether you’re a republican or a monarchist, is not a simple yes or no. If you do believe Australia can and should become a republic, there are still many complex issues to be considered. If you do not believe Australia should become a republic because you have not seen a suitable model, you should be aware that Robert Dawson, in his book A Democratic Way to Australia’s Republic, downloadable free from this website, proposes a method of arriving at the best model.

1986 Australia Act1986 Australia Act A Democratic Way to Australia’s Republic explores a number of the options that Australians could consider in discussions about a change to a republic as well as potential presidential powers and duties that may or may not be part of a republic model. These include the possible functions of the constitution, selection and dismissal from office of the President of Australia and the eligibility of possible candidates for the presidency.

Melbourne from the YarraMelbourne from the Yarra Other issues addressed in the book include the rights and obligations of citizens, the potential value of a Bill of Rights, citizen initiated referendums, separation of powers and the checks and balances required. As a graduate civil engineer, Robert Dawson has extensive experience in development work and innovation. Problem solving in his working environment has been his professional preoccupation. Throughout this whole exercise, he has succeeded in maximising democracy.

He is a peacemaker and an advocate of consensus. He never claims to have any special knowledge of his subject so he always relies on the authority of quotes from the works of experts. The numerous original ideas and innovations are his strengths.